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LED Neon Business Signs

Custom Neon Light Signs

We provide custom LED neon lights to bring life to your office, shop window, and other places. Whether you're looking for a custom LED logo sign or LED neon signs, you've come to the right place! It's as easy as uploading your company name and logo, tagline, or artwork. We want to make sure the design is what you're looking for. so we send you a quote and a free mockup. Then we'll work with you to ensure you don't settle for a neon business sign that doesn't satisfy you.

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Neon Business Signs

Grow your business with modern LED neon

Modern LED Neon

Modern LED neon signs are some of the best-selling on the market today. These eye-catching signs can be customized to feature the logo or name of any company, and are very simple to install.

UV Printed Signs

This method uses UV lights and tech to cure the ink and create vivid signs. When we combine them with Modern LED Neon lights, the result is a colorful and spectacular sign across the street that no potential customer can ignore.

Custom-Shape Signs

You are not just limited to traditional square or rectangle neon signs, as many custom shapes can be created. Whether you are looking for stars, circles, or even more advanced shapes, custom shaped signs are our strengths!

Neon Business Signs

Indoor & Outdoor Customized Signs for Businesses

We work with several companies, from entrepreneurs to corporations. We have experience designing and producing high-quality LED Neon signs for the largest businesses and international brands!

Whether you are looking to brand a product or simply want to make your small business stand out from the crowd, we have the experience and skill needed to create the perfect signage for your organization.

Our touch is neon lights — Now. there's an ongoing trend for neon business signs at cafes, beauty salons, and every other type of industry. But why? LED Neon has some unique properties: It's affordable, energy-efficient lightweight, and very easy to install. Businesses can leverage these features to install an eye-catching neon sign at an attractive price. It's so easy that you don't even someone else to install it — You can mount the sign yourself!

Every business can now afford a customized neon sign for an event, trade show, in-person store, bathroom sign, and so much more. any business can now have their names in neon lights, at an affordable price. We have a wide variety of standard options to choose from, but we can also create custom, one off designs that are perfect for just about any business.

Neon Logo Signs

Light Up Logo

Neon signs draw customers in period. It's bright, efficient, and durable, and it catches people's attention, regardless of your industry niche. Do you think your logo is too complex and sophisticated to turn into a LED neon artwork? We are capable of re-creating just about any business logo using LED neon. We determine the outlines of your logo and then use them to design a visually appealing sign. In some cases. the logo may need to be simplified, but our design staff will work hard to ensure that the sign is completed to your exacting specifications.

Outdoor Neon Business Signs

Neon Business Signs

We also provide your business with outdoor LED neon signs. We offer waterproof and weather-resistant signs. All our outdoor products are UV resistant and come with a 24-month warranty. Last but not least they conform to regulations and certifications: CE, RoHS, and UL.

LED Neon Signs for Retailers

Custom LED Shopfront Signs

There's no doubt that for potential customers to know if you are open for business, is with a sign. Bright and colorful neon lights attract customers, whether you run a store, bar. or pharmacy. If you want to stand out among other local stores, you need a customized neon sign, as they offer a vibrant glow with several uses, including:
Corporate Workspaces & Home Offices
Tradeshows & Conferences
Medical Centers & Clinics
Gyms & Fitness Centers
Beauty Salons, Spas & Nail Bars
Hairdressers & Barber Shops
Tattoo Studios & Parlors
Malls, Big Box Stores & Boutiques
Restaurants Cafes & Diners
Pubs, Bars & Nightclubs
Festivals, Fairs & Events

Neon Window Signs

LED Open Signs

Do you need no vacancy, closed, open, business schedule, or other window signs? We offer a variety of LED signs for these situations, each one customizable according to your specific needs. We create new designs just for you if needed!

Animated LED Signs

Flashing Neon Signs

Whether you need animated or flashing neon LED signs, we're here to help you create a design that aligns with your image and values. Let everyone associate that brand image with you!

UV Printing

Custom Signs for Your Business

Combining UV printing with neon lights creates the perfect combination for some businesses. We provide these printings on colored acrylic. We at Custom Neon provide more than neon signs. These extremely durable signs, can be printed in just about any RGB color in high detail. When combined with LED neon, these signs can easily grab the attention of any potential customer.

Benefits of LED Neon for Your Business

Neon lights are so inexpensive every business, even the smallest ones, can afford a custom LED neon sign. So, the question here is not whether you can afford to buy one. but if you can afford to avoid its advantages.

Not only are LED signs cheaper to create than neon, but they are also cheaper to operate. Our designs are not only shatter resistant, but they are fully recyclable and UV resistant. All of our signs are also UL. Rohs, and CE certified. We have a number of color options to choose from, that are perfect for just about any sign. LED flex is also perfect for creating animated signs. These durable LED designs, are easy to install, and come complete with all of the accessories needed to function correctly. While the LEDs themselves, only require a 12 V DC supply, with the help of an adapter, they can be easily plugged in to any standard power outlet

•We produce cut signs in signs in 18 different colors.
Choose one or go with all 18. It's up to you! You can also opt for animated or flashing LED neon signs to bring your local store or business to life.

•Our baseboard signs are black or clear acrylic. PVC.
Aluminum panel with 3-6mm thickness, or ABS. All our signs use a 12V DC adaptor, and thus they barely consume energy.

•Once everything's ready, we'll ship your sign in vibration-proof packaging via reputable couriers like TNT. DHL. UPS. or FedEx.

•All our LED business signs are recyclable, energy-efficient, resistant to UV. and conform to certifications and regulations.


Anything you can think of is possible. It doesn't matter that you think it's "too complex" or "sophisticated" for us to portray on a neon sign ——You name it. we deliver.


We offer box signs, stands, window signs, wall-mounted signs, and other products. Check our catalog for more information on the products we deliver.


Our LED Neon lights come on high-quality acrylic ready for mounting. You don't even need to hire a team of experts to install the sign — You can do it yourself easily!


We know prices are skyrocketing — That's why we offer the most cost-effective price possible without compromising quality or looks. You deserve good value for money.


From Startups to National Brands